Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Journal

My journal has largely gone unnoticed for the last three years. I found it in a small shop in Jaisalmer, my favorite city in India. It was covered in dust and a mouse ran by as I was picking it out. I love it however. It is a true token and keepsake straight from the sandstone desserts and the best dollar I ever spent.

So... it's time that I use it! Stay tuned for more from The Journal.

Seattle Walk

Vietnam Now

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change of Season

It's raining... for the fist time in months. And it's not hot summer rain, but cool rain that chills you to the point of putting on a sweater. My cute summer flip flops are no match for the puddles I walked past today.

I am not ready for this change. Although I know the fall always comes after summer, I never quit expect it. The change of weather feels abrupt and jarring no matter what I do. And the worst part is I can not control it. As much as I try, the weather does not listen when I tell it to go away and come back when I am mentally prepared.

Unfortunately most change happens this way. It is uncomfortable and sometimes painful no matter how ready you believe you are. The more you try to resist or ignore it, the more frustrating the situation becomes. I can pretend it's still summer. I can wear short skirts, open toed shoes and loose touch with reality in order to dream about warm summer bliss. But I find all this does is make me cold in real life. Only when I come to terms and embrace the rain do I start to feel normal again. But I will tell you a secret. Once you learn to deal with the rain, you will be happily shocked when the sun come out again. It always shines brighter on the other side of a down-pour.