Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo Shoot - Late Summer Picnic

Finally! I received my copy of the photos below to share with all of you! This past summer I participated in a collaboration with Kimberli Ransom Photography and Appetite Design. Appetite supplied us with beautiful soft goods, Kimberli Ransom Photography snapped the shots and I lugged a truck full of props out to create this enchanting outdoor picnic. Please enjoy!!

Pillows, Purses, and Table Linens: Appetite Design
Photography: Kimberli Ransom Photography
Styling and Art Direction: Katy Nida

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Imaginary Perfection - Northwest Waters

Canoeing on the liquid glass water for the Puget Sound is what I am dreaming of tonight. I took the photos below during a trip last summer, or was it the summer before? Anyway, the images of the trip turned out better than the memories. The trip proved to be stressful to say the least. Three women over the age of ninety and my crazy dog who could not be controlled equaled a very intense few days. Some of my favorite and also worst memories came from that weekend. Yet somehow the good outweighs the bad when I look back on the pictures below. How lucky was I to have stolen a few gorgeous shots from mother nature?

Yet again I fail to remember the name of this town, but it is about an hour from seattle plus a ferry ride. When I think of the name I will let you know.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Imaginary Perfection - So Long Ago

Simply put, I love old things. Don't ask me when or how this obsession started because I would not be able to tell you. All I know is I find beauty in the objects left behind. My interest is not so much about "antiques" or overpriced collectables from thrift stores. Rather it's an infatuation with anything abandoned, decaying, weathered, grungy or distressed.

The condemned church below is a fitting example of my passion. It yelled at me to stop the car and visit, so I had no other choice but to obey. I truly would get married in this church, just the way it is... if my guests would not be at risk of falling through the floorboards. Oh well, a girl can dream can't she?

If you want to see the ancient building for yourself, well sorry but I can not help. I do not remember how I got there. You would have to plan a camping trip to Service Creek Oregon (Population 2, Really) and then get lost along the way. Stop in every little town until you find this church. It might take you awhile, but you will get to see plenty of aging buildings, quirky people and scraggily dogs along the way. I highly recommend it.