Friday, February 5, 2010

My Walk

My little apartment makes me claustrophobic. Its drives me crazy some days. Even my kitty stood at the front door and wondered where the rest of the house was. She thought I locked her in a closet. In truth my house is just the size of a closet but it is very hard to explain that to a cat.

Some days I get so claustrophobic that I make my boyfriend "walk Me." I am so well behaved I don't even need a leash. :) Yesterday was a walking day...

With no direction, no goal, and no one but myself, I set out for the sake of exploration (And to find my sanity once again.) Two and a half hours later I arrived home with a handful of photos and a understanding of why it is important to avoid the ghetto at night. What I found after the time spent meandering could be summed up as lessons from the soul.

#1: water Heals the Soul.
I think this one is self explanatory. Whenever I feel stuck in the city, I go to water. This might just be my childhood instincts growing up by a lake, but I feel instantly relived at the sight of any form of liquid.

#2: It's Time to Bloom.
Literally. Yep it is only February 5th and yet the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom already. If mother nature is ready for rebirth, than I am too.

#3: Never Put your Camera Away Too Soon...
Or you might miss something. For me, I almost missed this little Todo dog and this amazing fence he guarded. The owner of the pup thought I was insane when he found me on the ground snapping photos. No worries however. I asked if I could take the pics (After the fact. Better late than never.)

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